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Expansive Corporation offers a non-explosive concrete demolition agent. It is mixed with cool water and poured into rock drilled holes in the diameter range of 1 3/8" - 2 1/2". Over several hours, the product expands through the process of hydration, generating cracks, between holes and free faces in reinforced concrete or rock in areas where explosives or breakers are not practical.


The expansive demolition method of cracking rock or concrete is cost effective tool for use in manufacturing plants, refineries and rock jobs including:

Our non-explosive demolition agent serves as a controlled alternative to explosives and hydraulic breakers used in demolition, mining and quarrying. When used for demolition or quarrying purposes, we drill holes in the base of the rock - similar to the process used for conventional explosives - and pour a mixture of the product and cool water into the drill holes. The typical diameter range of the rock drilled holes varies from 1 3/8" to 2".

During the next few hours, the mixture expands through the process of hydration, and generates cracks in the rock or concrete. Our non-explosive demolition agent can be used for jobs of all sizes - from residential projects for homeowners to major commercial ventures for excavation contractors.

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Expansive Concrete

Expansive concrete is byproduct of cement that magnifies in the early hydration period after it sets. The product is applied to concrete and rock projects, where it generates cracks between drill holes and free faces in reinforced concrete or rock areas. Completion time varies by project, but it typically gets the job done within roughly 24 hours of application.

Our expansive concrete is very powerful and reaches 18,000 PSI of energy but is also a very predictable product you can count on. Unlike traditional explosives, expansive concrete can be used by anyone - no licenses or permits are required.

Non-Explosive Concrete Demolition

There's no job too big or small for non-explosive concrete demolition. At Expansive Corp, we specialize in providing expansive concrete to excavation and blasting contractors for commercial and residential jobs. Our non-explosive concrete demolition is ideal for projects where the use of explosives or breakers is not practical. This product is a cost-effective tool for use in manufacturing plants, refineries and rock jobs.

A variety of rock projects can be completed by using this process, including boulders, embedded rock, tunneling, marble quarrying, limestone and granite quarrying. Similarly, this tool can serve as an incredibly effective way to successfully complete a range of concrete projects, such as machinery bases, dam and powerhouse modifications, bridge footings and widenings, concrete piers and underwater demolition.

Non-Explosive Demolition

Non-explosive demolition serves as a superior, safe and cost-effective alternative to traditional explosives and gas pressure blasting products. Our non-explosive demolition agents are silent, so you'll never have to expose your customers and employees to startling, loud and annoying noise. Additionally, they don't produce a strong, jarring vibration like those felt with traditional explosives and hydraulic breakers.

You can count on our non-explosive demolition agents to get jobs of any scope done in the most safe and efficient manner possible. Traditional explosives produce dust, flying rocks, toxic vapors and other harmful residue, but you'll experience none of this when you choose Expansive Corp's non-explosive demolition. Our products make it easy to cut costs, by allowing you to complete projects in a quick and efficient manner.